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The Poetry Den
Rest for a few moments here in my Den.
Journey through the caverns, and indulge in the thought-provoking poetry
of a wolf loving, romantic, often comedic, and sometimes complex poet.

Select a poem from the list:

"Abyss Of Love" "First Breath"
"Driftwood Desire" "Searching"
"In The Flicker" "Mercy's Shore"
"Death Of A Dove" "Inbetween"
"In This Dark" "Lake Sorrow"
"Distraction" "Mental Slavery"
"Anticipate" "Blade of Pain"
"Dreams" "The River"
"Cave Dwellers" "Treetop Silence"
"Cynister Rain" "Soul Defender"
More Coming Soon!
Updated Feb 19, 1999

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