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warm yourself by the fire

"The River"

Going crazy in this heat
I think a fever's breakin' out
think I better cool down through this doubt
think I better drink before the drought
You are a river to me now
but I dont want to drown in you
Sailing these waters is what I long to do
A peaceful journey shared by two
I fear the waves, of how a heart behaves
when no anchor can be found
So we set sail unto a common ground
In the shade of truth we shall rest
In this heat overflowing
there's still no way of really knowing
how hard a tide can pull
Let us drink...until we're full
Here in this doubt - I hunger for you
I would love to sail you into the blue

Here in this heat - I am wanting you
not knowing if that is what I should do
Here in this peace - I am loving you
Praying He keeps us tried and true

written by R. Russell © 1992