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warm yourself by the fire

"Mercy's Shore"

Twisting breezes of thought
Raging river of hope
Dividing here
Hiding here
With mercy just a simple shore away
Too tired to paddle today

Sun warmed emptiness
springs into forgetfulness
and leaves me stranded all alone

Dusk brings only rougher seas
Does this tide pull me
or is the resistance yet to be
Aching for some distant light
Floating - I think
or is this the fight
Bring me some light
Someone - bring me some light

Dawn approaches almost as a friend
assured and strong
think I will swim again

Sails of every shape and size
calling - taunting with wind whispered lies
Pursue not towards your shore
they seem to be saying
Come - follow us
into the swaying

Then outstretched hand
from Heaven's realm
gently commands a calm
moves me in this dawn

I awaken to find
Mercy had never let me drift behind
Standing surefooted - I see the dream
fading in the storm
I am home here on Mercy's Shore

Was only a dream - now dreamt no more

written by R. Russell © 1998