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warm yourself by the fire


Though angels know our names
old victims of the games
I find myself still searching
somewhere behind your eyes
I cant quite place you in my heart
but couldn't bear to be apart
Please dont stumble over me
while we try to understand
Seeking to walk on Holy Ground
you were not what I had planned
So search behind my eyes
Come take hold of my hand
I have found I need you somehow
Will you walk this road with me...
right here by my side?
Until this confusion has fled or died
Until this unsuredness subsides
I do love this searching behind your eyes
I sense and taste such sweet surprise
There's alot more to believe in...
I want to believe in you
No empty promises are needed
The gentle plantlings have been seeded
Come grow with me into a flower
Stay with me until the the final hour

written by R. Russell © 1992