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The Poetry Den

Welcome into the inner most dwelling of my Den.
Follow me into the caverns of my poetic mind.
Imagine yourself by firelight, and enjoy the thought-provoking poetry of... A Wolf?

Can a wolf be a poet...or a poet be a wolf?
You Decide!

"Truth Hunt"

Into this gentle thought breaks free the prowl...
Hunted only by the ill-equiped
heard only by the heart of hunger
Come feast on the wisdom of the poet
Dance among the mystery of the wolves
No slavery shall ever inhabit
those who have joined the prowl
those who have tasted its wine
The gentle thought breaks again
another growl of hunger so distant speaks
and then the laughter of a satisfied poet
another freed...and welcomed in
Unto the hunter
the hunt now begins
Vision of the truest kind
the prowl does now speak loudest
unto the "blind"

Written by: PoeticWolf ©1997

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All poetry written by R. Russell and copyright protected.
All rights reserved.