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Wall of Wolves

Cool Wolf

Listed below you will find the poetic works of wolves who have visited my site,
and submitted them for display upon "The Wall" within The Poetry Den.
You will also find cool poetic works that I have found,
and have been very satisfied upon tasting them.
Enjoy feeding upon this feast of poetic meat...

Feel free to leave comments for PoeticWolf or the original writers;
or submit your own masterpiece for carving into "The Wall".

Prepare to feast...
"Icarius Reborn"
written by Barbara Mann
The Red Unicorn
"Loup de Donnsonaire"
written by Eric Smith
Poetic Prince
written by Maria Atilano
"Dance of Souls"
written by
Lord Nighthawk
"The Wolf"
written by Alan Goodson
The Cabin
"Yearning to Explain"
written by Gina Granatelli
written by Matt LaMacchia
More to Come!

Step into my DEN!
Dont forget to visit The Poetry Den...
the secluded hidaway of
(Enter through his eyes...)

Step in and immerse yourself into the mystery.

You are now welcome into the mind...
of a Poet,
a Wolf,

and a lover of both.

Home, Home, Home

"Head on back to Home good wolves."

The Wall created December 20, 1997
Updated July 9, 2001