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Carved into The Wall
(October 12, 1998)

"Yearning to Explain"
written by Gina Granatelli ©1998

When the dawn comes,
I feel the awakening inside.
The love for you,
I could never deny.
My heart aches with the yearning
to explain the emotion I feel.
Yet, I dare not speak;
and break this spell.
For love can be so fleeting,
and I have seen the strongest break.
Then again, maybe it is not the strongest who stay;
but the fragile and tender...
who, like a willow tree, can shift in the wind
and yet stay the most precious and beautiful.
While the strong oak cannot shift,
as its branches break in the wind.
Only to grow new ones,
that reach for a different direction in life.
Still, the willow is as it always was.
I do think of you as my willow.
With life's challenges like the wind,
lifting and creasing each leaf;
only to blow away and find a new endeavor.
Wind, like life, goes onward...never looking back.
For the fear of what was lost,
and the chill of being alone.
Although I can never see the reality,
of life through your eyes,
or the pain of dreams that have come and gone;
I want you to remember,
the pictures of life we have drawn.
And to know...true love,
you were never denied.

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