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The Font Addiction Ring Font Addicts Unite!

Welcome all Font Addicts...
to the newest Webring on the net dedicated to font lovers, collectors,
creators, and those of you who are just simply addicted to them.

when you know you've " got to have 'em "!

There are really no special requirements to join this Webring, other than these few simple things:
1. You must a have a site that falls within the font theme.
2. Your site must have at least 20 fonts displayed.
3. Your site must have freeware/shareware fonts made available to the public.
4. If your site does not contain actual fonts, it should contain info about them.
5. Your site cannot be completely commercial, but it may include commercial fonts.
6. Your site should not be just a link list of other font sites, but it may include one.

If you meet these basic requirements... JOIN TODAY!

This is what the ring will look like: