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Awards to PoeticWolf

Below are the awards that I have been honored with since I first developed this site.
Many thanks to all who granted these honors to me.

My latest honor from Nielson Website & Business Graphics was awarded on February 19,1999

Best of The Web 99

Thank you Nielson Website & Business Graphics!

This honor from A+ Web Design was awarded August 31, 1998

A+ Web Design Approved

Thank you A+ Web Design!

This incredible honor from Custom Effects was awarded June 15, 1998

Thank you Custom Effects!

This prestigious honor from Eclipse was awarded Jan 24, 1998

Thank you Eclipse!

This award is from The Site Fights back in February of 1998
A 7 week battle led me to the Finals, where I placed 3rd overall.

Site Fights Finalist

Thanks Site Fights, for the grand adventure!


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