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Howling Wolf Links

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1. Wolf Light
An incredibly powerful and beautiful site, reflecting the personal involvement of the author. Her passion and love for the mighty wolf, as well as her dedication to the cause, makes this site one of my favorites! Site also includes great photos, many informative links, and an excellent design.
A 5 Howl rating!

2. The Wolf Dunn
A complete online resource guide for information on Hybrid Wolves / Wolfdogs. Here you can meet actual owners, and read up on Wolves and Wolfdogs in their "Wolf Tales Bookstore". This site even has some wolf related to love that.
A 5 Howl rating!

3. The H.O.W.L. Project
This site, created and enhanced by students of the LaGrange Highlands School District #106; features some cool Wolf sounds and a Wolf survey. My favorite I must say, is The Photo Gallery; which was created by elementary students of the Pal 5 reading class. It showcases some adorable hand drawn and painted images of the mighty Wolf. For you young wolf-loving artists ...a must see (so adorable).
A 3 Howl rating!

4. Wolfsong
This incredible site is filled with great Wolf photos and lots of information, as well as many other subjects of interest including: Cherokee people, A world of animals, Poetry and more.
A 5 Howl rating!

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