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Sights of The Wolf: Video & Photos
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One of the most fascinating shows to be
aired on cable television, was the
documentary special called Wolves At Our Door.
Follow the family that lived with them,
and discover the truth about these majestic
animals. Although it aired back in November
of 1997; you can still share in this incredible
journey, by purchasing it on video. You can
find the video at all Natural Wonders shops.

Enjoy this great promo video...
brought to you by The Discovery Channel.

Wolves at our door
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torchGallery of Wolvestorch

Grab a torch and begin your long journey
down deep into the secret caverns where you will
find PoeticWolf's Gallery of Wolves. Here you will discover
the realm of these majestic yet misunderstood animals. Journey on a
photographic voyage into their world. Enjoy their beauty and mystery as you travel
through the halls of the Gallery. Enjoy your visit, and please leave the torch on your way out.



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