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The Wolf's Cool Quotes

Below you will find cool and thought-provoking quotes.
Each quote has been sent to me via e-mail, form, or good ol' suggestion.
Please feel free to send in any quotes you would like to see added to this collection.

This great quote was suggested to me by an anonymous friend...
"Life is tragic for those who have plenty to live on, and nothing to live for"

This thought-provoking quote was suggested to me by my father...
"God can work miracles on a broken heart, if we first give Him all the pieces."
~ Unknown ~

This quote was added by me, PoeticWolf...
"To generalize is to be an idiot." ~ William Blake ~

This thought-provoking quote was submitted by Mark...
"Behavior is a mirror in which everyone displays his own image."
~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe ~

This simple and direct quote comes from a song by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey...
"Although hope is frail, it is so hard to kill."
~ something to remember ~

This beautifully optimistic quote comes direct from the mind of my father...
"For those who have trouble deciding whether the glass is half full or half empty, pour the contents into a smaller glass." ~ D. Russell ~

This powerful reminder comes from Lady Pat...
"A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart."
~ Unknown ~

This beautiful and simply powerful thought comes from one of my Poetry Den club members...
"I wish you hadn't stolen my heart, so I could have given it to you."
~ Cole Cousins ~

Another great self written quote by Poetry Den club member C.Cousins...
"Ispiration waits for no man, and enlightenment is seized only by the few."
~ Cole Cousins ~

A good thought provoker from Casey Graham...
"There comes a time when you can risk something; or live forever with your dreams."
~ Unknown ~

This collection has existed since January 7, 1999.
I will be updating this page as often as I can!

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