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warm yourself by the fire

"Smile of Love"

Though you are not always around me
I see your smile a thousand times a day
No matter where my thoughts are
You bring me near to love
You take me deep into it
like a swim on a summer's day
You refresh me with each smiling ray
To bask in it's beauty
is all I long to do
Smile for me baby
Let me see the sun
Smile for me baby
It shows I am the one
Let me drink from the river
that flows behind your smile of love
You taste so good
like the nector of forbidden passion
Yet I long to drink...I must drink
more each time
more each day
I can't escape the power of love
that consumes me in your smile
Smile for me baby
Give your love away
Understand that in these words
I see you smiling
I love your smile
I am loving you more each day

written by R. Russell © 1998