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warm yourself by the fire

"No Paint By Numbers"

No paint by numbers needed
your image is etched upon this heart
No paint by numbers needed
I could paint you in the dark
Every feature - Every line
rests imprinted on this canvas' soul
I would never charge admission
No need to ever collect a toll
This masterpiece has center stage
with a spotlight all its own
No paint by numbers here
This one shall be done by hand
No paint by numbers ever
No blueprint ever planned
This masterpiece of beauty reveals your face
Seen only once, and there began the trace
One night my eyes just failed me
and this masterpiece was born
My heart recaptured what these eyes could not
Although in this darkness I could have sworn
that your smile illuminated the room
No paint by numbers needed
Every collector knows your name
You were painted in the darkness
and soon the whispers came...
this artist cant be blind
This masterpiece is a treasure
the truest - rarest find
I whispered back into the night
Stand back and view at a distance...this original is mine

written by R. Russell © 1992