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The Poetry Den

Welcome into the Quiet Cavern of my Den.
Follow me deep into the most secluded of places.
Imagine yourself by a warm firelight, and know that in these words,
I am right there next to you...whispered in them.

This cavern has been opened to only you...and you know who you are.
Here on these pages, I will surround you. I will hold you. I will show a heart's desire
that remains unseen. I will invoke the sweetest kiss in this given means.
I will ache to bring these words to in this place I know you.
Yet here in this place I have yet to explore you.
Here in this place, I await you...
For your smile, your warmth, your touch, the beauty in your eyes.
Come here whenever you need me. Come here and embrace me.
Come here without any fear,
and know that I am waiting here.

Step inside