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Journey with PoeticWolf
into her habitats...

Step into the realm of this wolf loving poet in The Poetry Den. Explore her deepest thoughts, and enjoy her original works of "mental scribbling".

Learn what Poetic Wolf is really about, and what her interests are in Wolf Nature.

Journey into the playful side of Poetic Wolf in The Enchanted Forest, where you will find cool links and downloads, and a true wolf's playground!

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Gallery of Wolves,
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Journey into the romantic
heart of PoeticWolf in
The NEW "Romance of Wolves".

Visit "The Wall" of Wolves, where you will find the poetry of visitors of PoeticWolf, as well as some works that have inspired and touched her.

The above page is always
being updated.

Into thine heart...oh wolf
Into thine soul...oh poet
Into "THE REALM" of both...
prepare thine eyes to go.

Everyone can do their part!

Keeping the Spirit alive...
PoeticWolf is a proud
Avenging Angel!


Standing in Faith...Saved by Grace


Can    a    wolf    be    a    poet....or    a    poet    be    a    wolf?

You Decide...

Into this gentle thought
breaks free the prowl...
Hunted only by the ill-equiped
heard only by the heart of hunger
Come feast on the wisdom of the poet
Dance among the mystery of the wolves
No slavery shall ever inhabit
those who have joined the prowl
those who have tasted its wine
The gentle thought breaks again
another growl of hunger so distant speaks
and then the laughter of a satisfied poet
another freed...
and welcomed in

Written by: Rhonda Russell ©1997,1998


Coming Soon...PoeticWolf's Romantic Tribute
to "Kim Anderson"
Keep Watching!

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"Gently, I ease into this rage.
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