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~~***~*~ SPRINKLES SPRINKLES ~*~***~~
~* *~ Howls of Sprinkles ~* *~
fall from ~*~D'Wolfy Fairy~*~ onto YOU!

from The Site Fights!

From the Secret Forest
of D'Realm of D'Spirit...I have come!
D'Wolfy is wishing you LUCK and MIGHTY victory.
Pawing my way through your site...
This little wolfy fairy is watching over you!
Leaving my tracks of Dust and Sprinkles.
Don't mind all these paw prints... ~giggle~
With one last howl I depart,
and pass to you the Spirit Stick!

Hold it high, and pass it around...

keeping The Spirit strong in your heart!
Don't forget to show your Spirit
by Cheering loudly at SHOUT IT OUT!