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"Meet the Coolest Guy in The Coolest Car!"

This cool guy is really my Dad!
He is the coolest.
I mean, how many dads own an actual Cobra??
...and of course the car is COOL!!
Doesn't he look dashing in it?? (heehee)
Hey ladies...He is currently single...(I hope he doesn't kill

To contact "The Coolest Guy", just e-mail him at: RebelRussell

(He said I could add his e-mail...heehee)


The Cobra pictured above is now "For Sale"!
Stats are: 325 horsepower 302
0 - 60 in under 4 seconds! (FAST!)
20,000 original miles
Make offer

If you are interested in owning this cool car,
please send PoeticWolf an e-mail with your offer.